5 Examples of Exclusive B2B Content to Inspire You

What is B2B Content Marketing?

B2B Content Marketing is the business to business technique to format and distributes the unique and authentic content with consistency to attract the target audience. Content marketing is utilized by almost 93% of B2B marketers because that is how their future clients are finding them, and more importantly judging them.

You must be thinking how “B2B” can be inspiring and the bad rap is well deserved. But, there is a catch, the “B2B Content Marketing” is revolutionizing its boring and dry blog posts into creative and engaging content which is pretty amazing.

That said, I’ve assembled a list of successful “B2B Content that is all unique in their domain. These are the showcase tools that are brilliant and easy to use at the same time. This list is curated by “Hipb2b”.

1. Hubspot’s Template Buffet

Hubspot might have a prime example of every form of content there is, which is why two pieces of their content make this list. Their template selection is no exception.

One of my favorite models is the Social Media Content Calendar.

Hubspot’s Template Buffet is the downloadable piece of content that helps you make your social media schedule to form an effective content strategy. All you need is your email. The only incentive for you to provide “Hubspot” is email, so they create tools that are useful enough to be worth it.

B2B Content

2. GeneraElectric’s  Instagram and #avgeeks

B2B Content

“Instagram” is the basecamp of consumers and the “B2C” brands that provide them their services. But, “GE” is breaking that mainstream flow with its existence. It has 185K+ followers, and most of them are super engaged.

B2B Content

Check out that engagement..!

Their hashtag #avgeeks is a fairly active one and loved by aviation lovers.

B2B Content

You must be excited to know that what is it that makes GE’s page so successful without having to promote their products as much and are more concerned about their inspiration and wonder drawn from science and technology.

By reaching out to those who shares the same interests and planning meetings for them to get together, GE is an amazingly compelling account that is not just about selling products and persuading customers to buy their products. It is a beautiful community page to grow, and their associated brand is GE.

Now that’s what you call practical and graceful marketing.

3. TEDC2016’s Graphic Recording

The live Visual Notetaking that occurred at “The Email Design Conference” hosted by “Litmus” in “Boston.” An artist interprets a presentation that used rap quotes to present bits of email design wisdom onto the attendees.

B2B Content

Litmus used a bit of content to engage a live audience without having the need to use a speaker or PowerPoint.

4. Vozax and “How Much to Make an App?”

Vozax is a web design and development firm that focuses on websites, apps, branding, and more. That’s not that unique. So what gives Vozax dominance over its competition?

How much to make an app?

Vozax seized a question, which they have been asked hundreds if not thousands of times and made a tool in reply. Now when someone muddles across their website, they can get answers to the questions without having ever to communicate to ask about pricing which is quite a hectic task for both ends.

How does it work?

This app is built on various conditional factors that are considered in an app and estimate its cost efficiently. This also includes which platform would be used to release it, whether or not users have to log in, etc.

These very things effects cost, and this tool calculates the rough estimates. While having many services, it will make a user much more likely to think, “Oh, that’s what that costs? “And there is a preview of the page at the end:

B2B Content

There’s a blue button to start a project with this company. What a way to remove friction from the communication process right..!

5. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

There are plenty of topic generators out there, but this is my favorite piece of content. That is great because unlike the rest, it works for B2B content as well. In Hubspot’s generator, you input your content focuses, and a simple algorithm goes to work for selecting five topics based on the keyword. They can get surplus e.g. only filling in the blanks in few cases, but the different approaches provided can help inspire an even better post idea.

B2B Content

“Hubspot” understands that this tool cannot provide enough perfection for some people to provide their email addresses which are quite promising. But I think it’s amazing and would probably give away my email address straight on.

B2B Content

The examples of content are setting the standards high for B2B content, and there is no reason that your content has to be boring and dull. Especially not when you have access to all these amazing forums to land on, and if you are about to mimic them don’t forget to analyze your target audience and search out their needs before you launch your content. Then create innovative content to fulfill their needs. After all “Content is KING right?!”

Did you love going through these incredible pieces of B2B content? Know another striking content generating tool that we may have skipped? Share your experience with us in the comment section.