A step forward to cloud platform

In digital industry, recent trend of cloud computing as platforms is major change. Cloud platform or PaaS (Platform as a Service) providers host all possible tools on infrastructure to develop or run a new application. Cloud platform services are on-subscription paid. Ultimately they provide economic budget to their clients via emerging physical infrastructure on cloud between users.
Whether building (DEVELOPING) an application or software to be sold out, software developers, entrepreneurs, web developers enjoy pros of cloud platform. It includes development environment, storage, and supported software & management services. As providers provide environment on all stages of online developing, testing and website hosting.

Google’s Custom Machine Types for Cloud Platform

Many cloud platforms are available as Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure or any; they offer pre-determined CPU and RAM options with optimization and computation. Custom Machine Types for Google’s Compute Engine will help in determining how many virtual CPUs (up to 32) and how much RAM (up to 6.5 GiB per vCPU) you need.You can adjust number of core and memory with changing needs. Like all Google’s virtual machines, Custom Machine Types charge per-minute billing too and you will be able to get discounts for using preemptible machines as well.
In the U.S. region, every vCPU hour will cost $0.03492 and every GiB of RAM will cost $0.00468/ hour. For preemptible machines, those prices drop to $0.01002 per vCPU/hour and $0.00156 per GiB/hour. The prices for Google’s European and Asian regions are a little bit higher ($0.03841 vs. $0.03492 per vCPU hour). Developers will choose operating system between CentOS, CoreOs, Debian, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu for these machines.Google command line supports custom machine types through its APIs. The company is struggling to introduce graphical interface for these machines in Google Developer Console and will surely be available soon.