Apps not installed Stream from Cloud

Google today is making a huge change in its capability to float up (surface) the content in mobile applications through Google search. When Google finds in-app material that points to mobile app that you have not installed on your smart-phones, it will offer you alternative “stream” that app instead.

The “streamed” apps that users find in Google search via smart-phones run on Google’s cloud virtual machines. They work same as native applications by responding user’s taps/clicks. If you don’t have app installed, now Google will let you stream application’s content without installing to get the information you’re looking for.

“The app loads in a virtual machine on Google’s cloud platform, and the client – the Google app that runs on your phone – sends up the touch interactions to the cloud machine. And that cloud machine executes those touch interactions, renders the app and sends the pixels back down to the client”.

 Rajan Patel | Google’s Director of mobile search

In fact, if you are searching for hotel then such apps show up in search results. You can book room without installing app on smart-phone. This “streaming” capability of the mobile applications emerged from Google innovation in 2014, from startup called Agawi. The company had been developing a method for streaming mobile apps over the web, which included playing mobile games within ad systems. For users streaming process is very simple; as user searches for content in Google’s search and find an alternative to click to run the streamed variation if they don’t have app installed. Neither you get results while streaming on iOS using Google App nor will you receive streamed results using Chrome on Android. -Google says “streaming” of apps from cloud will change future. But right now, it is all improved experimental effort for betterment.