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5 Ways To Be Weird and Stand Out from the Crowd

In a world full of creativity it’s hard to deny that there is a more valuable creative skill than an eye for the distinctive and innovative. If we look at some of the biggest industry breakthroughs of the past few decades: Amazon, Uber, Airbnb etc.  On the exterior, the ideas of these companies were absolutely […]

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Stand Out

5 Examples of Exclusive B2B Content to Inspire You

What is B2B Content Marketing? B2B Content Marketing is the business to business technique to format and distributes the unique and authentic content with consistency to attract the target audience. Content marketing is utilized by almost 93% of B2B marketers because that is how their future clients are finding them, and more importantly judging them. […]

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B2B Content

React Native

React Native is progressive form of React (a JavaScript code library, was released on Github in 2013) developed by Facebook and Instagram. Native application means apps for specific platform. The focus of React Native is to enhance developer (engineer) efficiency across all platforms. It offers reusing code across different platforms. It is not aiming to […]

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The Curious Case of Mobile Apps Crashing

Ever wonder why apps freeze, crash or stop responding? The answer is not quite that simple. Now days, apps abundance is resulting in reliability issues. Also frustrates user with App crashing. While playing game, you have beaten 50 out of 60 levels game being on the edge of completing next levels by defeating the master […]

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Think Local Act Global

Technology is revolutionizing agent of modern era. The common believe is “High Risk, High Profit”.The national brands target consumers locally since large opportunities are available in market as growing population also have large ratio of problems. Technology has reformed our lives now consumers buy products after comparing different versions of different brands. Marketers catch the […]

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Google Turns 17 Today!

Google’s worth is now of billions. This is the transformation of big dream into reality that has made a significant contribution how the world uses the internet. Larry Page and Sergey Brin were both PhD candidates came up with an idea to create universal search engine that would compare sites by the relationships between them […]

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