Google Launches New Cloud Platform Region To Better Serve Eastern U.S.

Google Cloud Platform performs many services as it enables developers to build, test & deploy applications on Google’s highly reliable infrastructure. It also provides core advantages at the network, storage, compute and distributed software tiers which delivers incredible features and capabilities to our customers.

Why Google Cloud Platform?

  1. Google Cloud Platform’s location provides low latency, low cost and high availability by facilitating us with cutting edge technologies. Google backbone cable which is thousands of miles long fiber optic cable which has edge cashing services to deliver fast, consistent and reliable performance.
  2. Rapidly develop, deploy and iterate apps by managing apps, database and storage servers. It has familiar development tools and API client libraries and a command line interface, which enhances the performance of apps.
  3. App Engine Cloud Data Store provides auto-scaling up and down services that enables you to grow apps with your clients.
  4. Google Cloud Platform provides a range of storage services that allow you ease with data management and quick access to data.
  5. Google Cloud Platform provides Google APIs that enhances the functionality of your app and you don’t have to build these apps from scratch, just enjoy the facilitation of integration within Cloud Platform.
  6. It provides quick and consistent performance across the range of computing, storage and application services. Just enjoy the reduced latency and consistency!
  7. Google Security Model is an end to end process, and aims at keeping customers safe on Google Applications like Gmail and Google Apps.
  8. Google Cloud Platforms are designed to save energy resources. As Google data centers use only 50% of energy than other data centers. Google is committed to use wind and solar energy as much as possible to grow industry.

Since Google’s initiation in 1998, it established an incredible set of data centers around the world for facilitating clients efficiently with reliability – many Exabyte of storage, petabit networking throughput, millions of processing capacity and so on.

These data centers are very efficient in terms of processing, performance and energy and use renewable energy. Google has announced the launch of new Cloud platform region on the U.S East Cost named “US-EAST1”. It is now provide services of Google Compute Engine, Google Cloud Storage and Google Cloud SQL. Google App Engine will be coming soon. This is Google’s fourth platform in the U.S. The company is also operating one region in Asia & Europe.

Now, developers want to have servers regional to be as close to their customers as possible to best facilitate them reducing latency. Today, four Google Cloud Storage regional buckets are moving so that storage bucket can be put closer to Compute Engine units in

  • Taiwan (Asia-East1)
  • Belgium (Europe-West1)
  • South Carolina (US-East1)
  • Lowa (US-Central1)