Has the time for standalone apps arrived?

We have entered the world of gadgets and app generation. With a sound boosting of apps in today’s world, standalone applications are creating a position for themselves. Enterprise apps are far more complex than consumer apps. In fact, the development process, architectural framework, and level of design needed to build a business app are like building a space shuttle. Business apps are far more complicated than the apps that we use every day on our mobile phones, such as the apps for Facebook, Twitter, or Gmail. Business apps require special attention to performance (speed), user experience, and flawless communication with a company’s back-end systems.
“The growth of mobile money has been a steep upward curve and looks set to continue – Juniper Research predicts that there will be one billion mobile banking users worldwide by the end of 2017, up from 590 million in 2013. A recent Forrester report predicted that purchases on mobile devices would double by 2018, as even more people become comfortable buying online and retailers create more user-friendly mobile experience.”
Will Jones
Entrepreneurs today look out for newer ways to increase user engagement. Standalone application may be a shot in dark and definitely catch the attention of the people. Facebook is gradually turning of its mobile services into standalone apps. Both Messenger and Paper got the app treatment, and now Groups is getting. Groups let you interact with the Facebook groups you’re part of. Right now Groups can be accessed within the main Facebook app, and not force you to move over to the iOS or Android app.

How do you make sure your app will be the one that gets noticed? Make it look good of course!

The first step in application development process should be to define functionalities of your app. Which tasks needed to be done? Which aspects of current desktop application should be incorporated into single app? Once the functionality of the application has been decided, next step is to design the aesthetics. The association of app with brand is matter of significance. If you are known that Facebook or Youtube is releasing the app you would surely be curious to explore what it is. Apps like instagram Bolt and Dropbox Carousel are examples of standalone apps that have the potential to draw attention of huge customers.
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