How to Create a free Web Page for Business using Facebook ?

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A “Facebook Page” has become an invaluable tool for advertising. Facebook Pages spread awareness about a product or company, and allows customers a chance to interact with the company. Here are some steps so that you can set up your own page on Facebook for your company or website.


The steps are as following:


1. Access your Facebook Account

Go to your facebook account by going on the facebook site which


2. Choose a category.

This page will show six different classifications to choose from:

  • Local Business or Place
    • Company, Organization, or Institution
    • Brand or Product
    • Artist, Band, or Public Figure
    • Entertainment
    • Cause or Community

Each of these classifications provides more relevant fields for your desired Page.

3. Choose a great username.

The username you choose for your Facebook Page will also appear in the URL for your page. There are already a lot of Facebook Pages, so your first choice might not be available. That’s why it’s critical that you create a Facebook Page and get your username as soon as possible. Even if you don’t plan to aggressively use Facebook today, you might want to in the future. Get your username now, so you’ll have it when you need it.


4. Give the key details in the About section.

Your Facebook Page includes a small About section where you can include a couple of sentences about your business or organization. Make sure you include the most important information about what you offer to your audience, so they instantly understand why your page should matter to them.

Also, it’s extremely important that you include your website URL in this section of your page.

5.Choose an appropriate profile photo.

Your profile photo is the smaller image that appears on your Facebook Page and as your avatar on all posts and photos you publish on Facebook. Make sure the photo you use is one that accurately reflects your brand, because the more people see it, the more they’ll recognize it and associate it with your brand.


6.            First like it yourself.

First like this page by yourself so your friends may know that you like this.

7.Ask your Facebook friends to like your Facebook Page.

Once your Page is setup, use the handy invite option to invite all of your Facebook friends (or a group of your Facebook friends) to like your Facebook Page via a Facebook direct message. This is a great way to get the ball rolling and start building a following.

8. Create some content to make your Page look useful.

Start creating useful, meaningful, interesting, or entertaining content that your target audience wants to read and see. This includes photos and posts (be sure to tag people in both). Also, enter milestones and add content to apps used on your page such as events, videos, and so on. A Page without content is one that no one will like.

9.Feed your online content to automatically publish on your Facebook Page.

You can automate some publishing by feeding your blog posts and Twitter updates to your Facebook Page. There are external tools that you can use to set this up.

10.Capture attention with a fantastic cover photo visual.

Choose a cover photo that is visually dynamic, capture’s people’s attention, and lures them in to take a closer look at your Page content.

11.Provide as many details as possible in the full About description.

Once your Facebook Page is live, you can log into your account and click the Edit Info button to add details and content. Fill in as much basic information as you can to tell your entire story and fully explain what your business or organization does, where you’re located, how to get in touch with you, and so on.