Make your First App in Just 12 Steps

Developing the first app is challenging for everyone who has this amazing idea burning in their brain, having no idea how to bring it to life. To help give you a general overview of the process, we’ve put together this 12 step introductory level guideline. To make your vision a reality you need to keep the step zero in mind which is “you can and you will.”, because the simple secret behind a successful methodology and planning is “persistence.”

Let’s Dive In!

Building The First App – Step 1: Setting the Goal

first app You’re reading out this guide probably because an idea kicked you already and now it’s time to set straight your goals. The very first things are the purpose and the mission of the application. For example, what is the utilization of it? How is it going to be a solution to the existing problem? If you know or have set these goals, then you can move faster towards the result.

 Building The First App – Step 2: Validate the Need

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Identifying the need for your app will affirm that the demand exists and your launch will not fail. You can always choose to interact with users to check if they’re interested. And for that, you could build a landing page with an email signup that will highlight your app idea broadly.



Building The First App – Step 3: Sketch the Layout and Features

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Now it’s time to become Michael Scofield of the app industry and start drawing every possible visual conceptualization of the basic features for your app. By putting your idea on paper, you’re laying the foundation for your future interface. It helps your teammates understand the mission clearly and also comes in handy if you’re hiring someone to do it for you.

Building The First App – Step 4: Research the Competition

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Now you’re ready to start the leg work on your computer but, this is just a start. You have to dig deep for four primary purposes:

  1. Look for the other applications doing the same thing
  2. Look for design inspirations widely
  3. Look for all the technical preconditions for your app
  4. Search to find out how you would marker or monetize your app

Most designers use “Dribble” and “99design” to showcase their work to get feedback and inspiration from their fellow. You might want to jump in and take your research to the next level.

Building The First App – Step 5: Create a Wireframe

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A wireframe is a storyboard where you can bring your paper sketches to digital life. You can also use the functionality like icons and click through.

Some wireframing tools are listed below:

 Building The First App – Step 6: Define the Back End of Your App

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Now it’s time to examine the functionality with the help of a storyboard you created. You need to portray your data diagrams using app builders. Using the back end services will assist you in technical jargons. Revise the wireframe if you make any changes. Some of the famous back end service providers are “parse”, “Applicasa” & “Kinvey”Building The First


App – Step 7: Test the Prototype

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Time to stop walking in your shoes. To successfully test the prototype constructive criticism is a must have. Gather your mates, friends or family who are critics and cynics to show your demonstration. Use their feedback to eliminate drawbacks, this way you will not end up frustrated or discouraged later after you’ve launched the design already.

Building The First App – Step 8: Start Building

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Now you’re ready to put all the pieces together. Your developer will help you set up the databases, APIs, and servers or you can use a quality app builder to get it done for you. Sign up for the stores i.e. Google Play and Apple to launch it in the market. It can take a while to process.

Some of the famous app building platforms are “,” “Kony” and “Eachscape.”

Building The First App – Step 9: Put Design First

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Keeping the feedback we talked about in Step-7, it’s time to hire designers to create your UI-User Interface. Consider it a backbone of the app because visual attraction matters first if not the most in human dynamics. Some of the famous app design agencies are “Bluefountainmedia,” “Loungelizard,” and “huemor.”

Always remind yourself that you are building this for users, not for yourself!

Building The First App – Step 10: Modify and Adjust

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Examination in the development phase is as important as it is in the development phase. Ask the cynics for their feedback again and be open to criticism and modify the aspects that are valuable to your application.

Building The First App – Step 11: Beta Testing

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Now that you’ve thoroughly seen your app with many aspects, No! It does not mean you have climbed to the top. To develop a close to perfect app it needs to run smoothly and should not be error prone. It’s time to test the Beta version of your app, and it’s the prolific type of non-release application out there.

With Android, the process is simple but, iOS uses a platform called “TestFlight” to beta test new apps.

 Building The First App – Step 12: Release Your App

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You’re ready to cross the finish line right here. Your idea turned into reality and sharing it with the world is the one last step you have to implement.

Always keep in mind that it will take a while to start getting feedback and the number of downloads. Be patient and most importantly learn how to market your application to make it fruitful. We’d suggest you begin extensive research especially if you’re a newbie so that you know where to head for your hard work.


These steps are not inviolable rather generalized guidelines which can be helpful for non-technical personals as well. The first time you build any application every step may seem a little harder than it is but not impossible. We encourage you to transform your idea into reality because every idea deserves attention before anyone else has it.