Mobile To Dominate Programmatic Advertising, Leave Desktop In Dust

Programmatic ad buying has transformed the face of online advertisement. It is basically digital ad buying mechanism using machines andsoftware. Latest technology has made system more efficient and error free via omitting man from process. Since mobile is new frontier of programmatic advertisement. According to eMarketer, mobile accounted for 44.1% of U.S. programmatic display expensesin 2014, and projected to be $8 billion current year. By 2016, mobile advertisement is expected to surpass desktop, claiming an estimateof 56.2% of advertisement expenses. Last yeargrowth was estimated 243.4%, eMarketer predicts advertisement budget on mobile programmatic display will multiply on going year near about $8.36 billion. Following year it may cross 70%, or the lion’s share of programmatic market.
Mobile though new for programmatic game, but marketers have high expectations for it.Adage (Advertising agency) conducted recent survey, 71% marketers are investing in mobiles, and 36% marketers have allocated 10% to online advertisement.Concluding mobiles are the biggest opportunity to increase programmatic spending.
Facebook is playing a dominant role in programmatic advertisement. eMarketer considers Facebook “large programmatic platform”, U.S mobile revenues are expected to reach $5.89 billion on going year; expected to be twice the current i-e.,$10.32 billion by 2017.Advertising videos also play a role as eMarketer considers “swift growth”. Video advertisement revenue calculated $1.14 billion in 2015.By 2017, three times of the current revenue which is $3.79 billion. Though it will be 18.5% of U.S. mobile programmatic display budget.
Mobile,around the world commonly used as personal device due to its feature of the right message to the right consumer at the right time. It increases both ROI (Return on Investment) for advertisers and eCPM(effective cost per impression) for publishers. No wonder 33% marketers (or majority) see mobile as the channel with major opportunity for programmatic advertising for their growing business. Mobile programmatic will play a leading role in connecting more effectively with consumers. Client login data is clear picture of consumer interest. Surprisingly, a number of marketers are not aware of this new reality. When marketers connect the data, mobile programmatic growth may surprise us.