On-demand service app business opportunities

As technology is revolutionizing we are really so “time poor” now. We need whizz to collect our laundry and return it freshly washed and folded and even at the tap of our smart-phone. Whether it’s cleaning, taxi or car parking, we seem to search the emergence of application that can bring us services and products at breakneck speed. Start-ups have got their eye on this market and are in market in large numbers providing “On-demand service” via applications. Dozens of new companies seem to be popping up every day that let people order whatever they like — a haircut, groceries, a taxi — with a tap of a smart-phone button. Brits download more than 250m apps a month; the app market in the UK is expected to be worth nearly £31bn by 2025, up from £4bn last year, according to research commissioned by Google.

“I feel like so many existing experiences can be reinvented with the right simple gestures on mobile, and the needs and wants of Generation T (Generation Touch) are going to become the foundation of many massive companies of the future.”

Josh Elman, Greylock Partners

Today, tapping a mobile is powerful activity and users are addicted to the instant satisfaction. As Josh pointed out last week, the up-and-coming generations are “Generation Touch,” at ease simply to tap buttons for what they want. Most of these apps charge customers on a per-transaction basis. Tap the mobile; charge the card. Once a service gets engaging, loyalty could establish among them and result in monthly or yearly plans for service.

Future of On-Demand Applications

On-demand ride hailing services, like Uber and Lyft are taking the biggest piece of market. Uber is now the second-highest valued company, with a total of $5.9 billion in funding and valuation of $41.2 billion and raised 39% more funding than all other on-demand services in 2014. Analysts believe that as more people around the world use smart-phones and tap into these types of app, the industry will just continue to grow. We have professional engineers that focus on backend system, security, and mobile app development. Beyond that we have UI and graphics specialists and others for social media marketing. Soon every need we have, every car we take, every purchase we make will be available at the tap of a button. Get ready!