How to Retain App Users: Proven Strategies to Engage

We are in a new age of technology that is poured with new ideas and resources every minute passing, which is an attempt to take it to its next mark of authority and value. It is repeatedly provided with advanced digital ideas and ever-evolving online practices that are meant to take the idea of mobility to its finest shape. And this is the reason why you have every fierce competition taking place with businesses aiming to get the most of the mobile app value. With the choice left up to you whether to see it as a threat or an opportunity.

No one in the business world would like to avoid this chance and just watch things go out of reach and control. If you too think of developing an app and getting success in reaching out to your userbase, you have to implement well-thought strategic decisions and put them into action.

Another reason to consider it is because you operate among businesses that are increasingly looking to achieve the mark of compliance and character against the evolved user needs. In such conditions, being visible to them with your endeavor of mobile app development is not enough. You need to continuously act more appealing and empowering as a product, aiming to rake-in a large number of users and serve them with significant value. You need to play all the possible moves in order to engage and retain app users well.

Speaking of that, here’s what you can do to retain, engage and get more users for your app, as well as how to improve customer loyalty.


Once you have gained traffic and worked on app user acquisition on your mobile app, it is important to know how much time they spend doing what. It is equally important to know when they are active and are they enjoying the services enough to become a potential re-visitor. Just get these details out, churn the numbers and analyze how and what is making them behave in a certain manner. If you are able to spot and fix these behaviors in your favor, it will be taking you towards an increase in customer retention.


This is a proven and tested theory that asserts on the facts that people tend to feel connected and need to stay with the service when they are served at a community level. You must be seeing that most of the e-commerce sites have assembled sellers and providers and offer them a platform to sell their product to users on the platform. This way they are able to ensure that more users will come to them as they get a comprehensive response and a wide range of products and services to select from.


It is a golden rule to keep you alive and running in the circuit. You need to constantly adapt to the newer trends and target consequent objectives with your app so as to continue to remain important and inventive. This not only helps you offer better value to your users but also keeps you ahead of the technology curve and curbs most of the competition that follows. And this is something that protects you from getting outdated in the fast-changing business trends and market dynamics.


Have you seen those websites that allow you to instantly chat with their executives or bots at your command? Well, that is one thing that assures you that the app would always readily listen to your queries and suggestions. And so you continue to stick to the service for the sake of that comfort. And when this communication takes place, connection automatically happens, and you retain a larger number of customers with more assurance of loyalty and continuity.


Individually reach out to users. Through push notifications or by shooting routine emails to them. This can also be done by offering deals and discounts based on their activity or performance on your app. This can also be done by introducing gamification and offering rewards/scores to users based on their activity and performance on the app. Make them feel that you are recognizing them individually and they will derive personalized attention from it.


Everyone is on social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter, people spend a considerable amount of the day connecting with each other on these sites. Going with this idea, you need to be active on social media to grab the user’s attention and lock part of their time on these sites reserved for you. This will allow you to penetrate another crucial channel of engagement. Plus, this would give you a much-needed parallel exposure and a platform to connect with new users.


In order to make the most of user engagement, you must keep it friendly. Now, this term ‘friendly’ covers everything from being expressive, uncluttered, responsive and, of course, pretty and easy-to-use. If you combine all these factors together with a design theme that best supports your business idea, you definitely have better chances of engaging and retaining your users.


Now, this strategy is more of a technical approach to drive users to your app. You need to create and work on a blog post where you can provide a link to your app that directly takes the user to a particular/intended screen. You can also do this by posting blog posts on other high pagerank sites and benefit from the deep-linking done there. This way, you are not just enhancing your search engine score but also allowing users to go to a particular section of your app that is strategically important for your business.