Rukovoditel : Project Management Tool for Agencies by an Agency

As a Service provider company, we are always looking forward to making our process better and streamlined. While on the quest to find a Project management software (we already know about & use Basecamp) which also should be open source, we came across Rukovoditel. It is an incredible web app and has only that features which any agency needs in the day-to-day process. It is very easy to use and clutter free. Here are few features that we loved and how we used them:

Reports: Give an overview to Team, Admin and Client about all the ongoing projects and tasks.
Info Pages: Pages that contain process and other info. We made sure every new team member read them before starting working; we were successful in getting everybody on board through these pages.
Tickets: Small issues always divided into Tickets and every ticket can be closed once the problem is fixed.

P.S the word “Rukovoditel” means Manager or Leader in Russian, which is the great name according to its uses. We recommend that you should give this Universal Project Managment Software a try