Apple WatchOS 2 hands-on!

Apple Watch was launched by the Apple in September 2014 as it was the first revolution in wearable industry. To fully utilize its size and location on wrist, Apple Watch was designed with its own unique Operating System– WatchOS. After that, Apple planned to release WatchOS 2 on September 16 but company had to face delay in release at the last minute due to sudden bugs. Now, WatchOS 2 is available which is all about enhancing the Apple Watch experience than giving us more tools to play with.

  • New Clock Faces:

Photos are now available with new faces involving Photos, Photo Albums, and Live Photos. It also provides 6 Time-lapse faces, which display a 5 to 10 seconds time-lapse of Hong Kong, Mack Lake, New York, London, Paris, and Shanghai.

  • Time Travel:

Now, when Digital Crown is turn on; dates, events, scores, charge level, temperatures, and more giving a glimpse into what was in some cases and what will be.

  • Nightstand Mode

Apple Watch will be more useful when it get Nightstand Mode. At that point display rotates 90 degrees into landscape mode and it displays the time and data on a large easy to read clock face.

  • Email replies

WatchOS 2 provides the ability to respond to email with quick reply sheet as Messages. From there you can quickly tap a response & flip them an emoji.

  • Digital Touch & Friends

WathOS 2 allows you to send sketches in more than 1 color to multiple groups of friends; though group is limited to 12 friends still.

  • Mass Transit on Wrist

You can either start a route on iPhone or follow it on your Apple Watch or directly on the Apple Watch.

  • Apple Music Perks

WatchOS 2 provides music remodeled navigation menu for quick access to beats.

  • Better App Store Apps

Third-party apps from the App Store can now be loaded directly on Apple Watch & rely less on sending data back and forth between the iPhone.

  • Tether-less Wi-Fi

Tether-less Wi-Fi means if your watch has ever been on a network with iPhone, chances are it can get back on that network even without your iPhone.

  • Hardware Access

App performance is enhanced with WatchOS 2 and apps can do many more things as accessing Watch hardware and other features.

  • Activation Lock

Now, to activate your Apple Watch, you’ll be required to enter iCloud Apple ID and password, so the device is tied to your account and no one can use you watch if stolen.

WatchOS 2 as a whole does create an overall better experience for first generation Apple Watch clients. Apple Watch users should notice the refinements throughout the experience & should welcome.