The Curious Case of Mobile Apps Crashing

Ever wonder why apps freeze, crash or stop responding? The answer is not quite that simple. Now days, apps abundance is resulting in reliability issues. Also frustrates user with App crashing. While playing game, you have beaten 50 out of 60 levels game being on the edge of completing next levels by defeating the master guy of the game. Suddenly, game crashes. When reopened to gain previous progress, but found all progress is lost. How do you feel at this stage? It usually results in loss of player and rating of games falls.
The main reason of app crash is surely developer coding or design errors. Believe it or not, mobile game development coding lacks rigorous testing procedure. Without proper testing mechanisms such problems extends. To solve these problems, companies for Application Performance Management (APM) are available in market. These companies are helpful in determining possible causes of crash and make process of problem solving whole simpler. As mobile apps have become business necessity to generate revenues via advertising product awareness, reliability and customer care. But, if app goes down, it costs more than its original investment. From bad reviews to lower revenues, everything goes wrong. When it comes to having an influence on conversions, ratings and reviews account for 75 percent, while screenshots and description account for 15 percent and 10 percent, respectively. So, the better your reviews, the more conversion you get.
One way to achieve them is to make sure your app is well tested. You also want to provide an outlet for customer complaints, as well as technical support.
This brief discussion is for enlightenment of reasons; why Crash problem occurs though smart-phones have been advanced and are more powerful. App development is tricky business and there are millions; if no then this may be the reason. If app crash rate is about 1-2%, can be considered normal but most apps are above the limit. It is important to be concerned about performance, load time and search queries while development. Better performance refers to nicer reviews, less load time enhancing user engagement. Making app successful along with better rating, ranking high in app stores resulting in increment of downloads by users. So having a polished and compatible to present platforms app will be your best chance of getting featured on the App Store.
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