Translation gives a global mobile app strategy & can transform your business

Building a mobile application or program without strategy is like going on a family vacation in the car without knowing where you’re going. A successful mobile solution requires integration of technology, business and compelling user experience. The growing use of mobile devices—laptops, tablets, smart-phones and more—has fundamentally changed the way customers, employees and business partners interact.

“You have to have a vision and do some heavy lifting. You have to develop an overarching app strategy and build a roadmap—and infrastructure—to support the initiative. “It’s critical to plug in information and knowledge from across the organization or a customer base so that it is possible to develop a deep understanding about features, functionality and value.”
— Nisha Sharma, managing director for Accenture Mobility

For the first time, mobile devices outnumber people. This milestone underscores one crucial fact for entrepreneurs as the number of mobile devices rises. Approximately, 85% of consumers believe their mobile devices essential to their daily life routine. So, mobile interface is crucial for consumers and savvy businesses that hope to connect with them increasingly choose to do so via smart-phones and tablets. Whether the business is extended or small an effective strategy can help companies to reach more customers and secure essentially a strong industry advantage.
A great strategy ensures that you’re in-person, mobile and traditional online experiences communicate a solid message that motivates customers to interact with your business. Here are ways to maximize your mobile efforts:
• Align your Strategies
• Design great User Experiences
• Use Application Programming Interface (API) which allows two systems to communicate without creating features from scratch.
• Mobile strategy must be Scalable and Flexible, so allow and plan for rapid growth.
• Foster a streamlined experience so user can switch between devices.
• Have a strong team to execute plans.
• Strong need to focus on security and privacy and embed it into the mobile app environment.
A mobile strategy that’s adapted to reach your startup’s goals and connected to your customers’ needs can help you connect with your intended audience on a deeper level. A strong mobile strategy can also accelerate your company’s growth on a promising route.